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NUXE Skin Care

Loopland Pharmacy are now stocking the NUXE cosmetic range.

Developed by a pharmacist in France in 1957, it has swept away the traditional skincare ranges to become the range pharmacies and health Spas across Europe prefer.

The Philosophy embedded in all the work of the NuxeCorporation and the outlets that sell its products is“Beauty by Nature”

Company Values are:

  • Nature 80% of the ingredients in Nuxe products are derived from nature, using the most recently discovered plant based active ingredients. Combined with the latest cosmetology concepts, makes the range unique in efficacy and composition.
  • Performance The range has exclusive use on the new active ingredients and 27 patents to protect it from copying. Nuxe Corporation has developed optimal concentrations for these unique ingredients and tested their formulations to the high standards pharmacy expects.
  • Sensuality The exquisite fragrances incorporated into the range, derived in part from the plant ingredients and also from attention to the detail that people expect from a quality brand, make these products the most sensual of all skin care ranges. The textures of the products are also unique, feeling velvety on the skin and optimising the efficiency of the formulas. This is a credit to the production and research teams at Nuxe.


The excellence of the Nuxe brand has been recognised in many spheres world wide. For example it was awarded ‘Brand at the forefront of technology’ in France in 2008 and the multipurpose oil was Product of the Year in 2009. Comparisons by magazines and celebrity endorsement can be seen on the Nuxe website.

As well known and respected brands are beginning to flag through lack of innovation; Nuxe has climbed to the fourth most important brand in France and is climbing here in the UK following the launch.

Looking for a special present for friends who travel? We have the perfect gift – the Nuxe travel bag. It will pass most airport security systems, contains all you need for skin care for a few days away and has room for your additional extras like toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume and deodorant.

Don’t take our word for it – come in and sample the products at Loopland Pharmacy

From the pharmacist

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