(1) Legal Entity

The full name of our company is : Loopland Pharmacy

We trade as Partnership, owned by partners : David Groves and Ian Groves

Our principle place of business and correspondence address is : 253 Castlereagh Road, Belfast, County Antrim, BT5 5FL.

Contact details can be found on our contact page

(2) Regulation

Our Pharmacy and Pharmacists are regulated and registered with the PSNI and you can view our Registration in the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland Register

We are subject to the rules and regulations detailed at the PSNI Code of Ethics 

Pharmacys & Pharmacists

Our Principle or Superintendent Pharmacist is David Groves  registration number : 3514

The Pharmacist in Loopland Pharmacy Pharmacy (Reg No :  348 ) is David Groves (Reg No : 3514)

(3) VAT Registration

Our VAT number is : 972-2188-07